Thursday, January 30, 2014

Butterick 5683

Faux fur isn't my usual style but when I had surgery a couple of months ago and had a cast I bought the faux fur to make a poncho. I made it but jus tdidn't like it from the minute I tried it onand decided that it was a wadder. I didn't throw it away because I hoped to do something with the fabric later even if just doll clothes.

One day when i was checking out Goodbye Valentino's blog she had used this pattern to make a vest. I immediately thought maybe there would be a use for the faux fur.  I barely had enough because I had already cut it for the poncho.

Eventhough it was a really cold morning when I was redy to cut it I had hubby set up the card table on the carport and cut it out side. Faux fur makes a terrible mess when cut.

I omitted the vertical seams on the lower front and cut the lower front as one piece. At first I thought I would line it but then had a problem with the lining so I removed it. Instead I serged the center front edges, lower edge and neck then turned under and topstitched. I cut bindings from knit for the armholes and handstitched in place. The pattern called for a seperating zipper for the front but I used a large hook and eye that I had on hand instead. I can't imagine trying to insert a zipper inthis faux fur.
Overall I am pretty pleased with this even if it would not have been my first choice of a garment.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Butterick 5614

I found myself in need of a pair of pants dressier than jeans and came across this pattern. It is classed fast and easy and was that. The fabric is a stretch twill. I made my usual sway back adjustment and I also did a fisheye dart adjustment under the seat to remove some of the fullness. Instead of using the waistband I cut facings for the front and back waist. The closure is a side zip and I used an invisible zipper which i thought would make a nicer finish.
I did like this pattern and will use it again. It really didn't need the sway back adjustment or not as much as I did so on th enext pair I will reduce that. They also were a little snug but comfortable due to the stretch in the fabric so on the next pair I will add a little-- maybe 1/4 inch to each side seam front and back.
I can see this being a go to pattern for summer capris.