Monday, December 29, 2014

Simplicity1499 made using anti pill fleece from Joann's. 

I didn't read the pattern instructions before purchasing fabric and the separating zipper. The pattern has a mandarin type collar which is finished with bias tape or binding as is the center front. There isn't a front facing. The pattern has you apply the bias or binding to the front  and collar and then topstitch the fronts to the zipper. Since I had not read the instructions I didn't take into consideratin that to do it the way I did that I would need to cut a facing and I did't have enough fabric to cut one. I used the same gray lining fabric to cut front facings that I used to line the pockets. I cut bindings from the fleece for the armhole facing. I also recut the collar to be more the type of collar that is normally seen on this type vest. The seperating zipper was not long enough to go all the way to the top of the collar. I doubt most people will notice that when I wear it. I made this for casual wear or for an added comfortable  layer at home. 

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