Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Butterick 5682

These are Butterick 5682 View D- flared legs.
These jeans gave me a fit to make but now that they are finished they feel good on so I think worth the trouble. They are made from a denim with no stretch. I think it is  a 9 oz denim.

I wanted flare legs to wear with boots. Most of the trouble I had with these jeans was of my own making.I stitched the double rows of topstitching about 4-5 times until I got it as near perfect as I could. It of course isn't any more perfect than I am but it looks pretty good. After taking it out and re-sttiching so many times I realized I had sewn it to the fly lining. After I got that fixed. I tried the zipper and the zipper worked fine but the fly didn't open. I realized I had sewn the  zipper to the wrong part of the fly. GRRR I finallyhad that fixed and moved on.

You have to sew the inseams and topstitch those before sewing the side seams. When I got the side seams sewn and tried the jeans on I realized that the legs were too wide. As much as I hated to I unpicked the gold topstitching thread on the inseams. This was no small feat.
When I got that done I laid the jeans on the table and laid a pair that I like the legs on on top. I cut the sides of the new jeans legs off and restitched and re-topstitched.
I used a template made from cardstock with seams allowances removed to press the pockets aroind to get nice even edges before stitching onto the jeans. I also use cardstock to make a template ti trace off the stitching guide for the decorative stitching for the back pockets

The waistband gaped in the back. I decided to fix it with 2 little darts. They still need the rivets and I have those ordered. I will get my husband to add those when they come.
I love the way the jeans feel on and in the end they were worth the trouble.


Bunny said...

They look great, Judy, and I bet will perfect for riding.

catquilts said...

The jeans looks fantastic. Great job!

Jennifer M said...

Love the jeans! They look very professional!