Sunday, June 1, 2014

Vogue 8833

This is Vogue 8833 and the second time I have used this pattern. I think I would like one more in white for summer maybe.
I used a recycled sheet from Goodwill for the fabric. The full size sheet was enough for this blouse plus a pair of ruffled pants for my granddaughter.

The only changes I made to the pattern is for the ties. The pattern has really long ties that are sewn to the fronts. There is an opening in one side seam and the ties wrap around the waist and then tie. I find that by the time I wrap it around it just isn't as comfortable s I would like. I shortened the ties and sewed one to the front and the other in the side seam. I added ties on the inside to the opposing front and side seam to hold it together. I also changed the way the collar is sewn on. The pattern has you sew the facing on the front to the circles and then clip and press the facing to the inside sewing the collar on the circle. Then you hand stitch the collar closed. I sewed the collar on first then the facing turning it to the inside. It gives a nicer finish in my opinion.

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Nakisha said...

I really like this. Such a versatile item!