Saturday, April 5, 2014

Embroidered Raglan Daygown

This sweet little pattern is from The Old Fashioned Baby line of patterns by Jeannie Baumeister. It is the Embroidered Raglan Daygown for infant size 7-18 pounds. It has 3 views and I made view 2 but omitted the embroidery at the hemline. There is a version with gathers at teh neckline and long sleeves and a version for boys.

The fabric is 100 percent cotton broadcloth and the lace is lace and entredeux are cotton and from  I wanted to use ecru lace and embroidery on the white but only had whtie entredeux.  I decided to tea dye the entredeux. I did this simply by puttin the lace in a bowl and pouring some cold unsweetend tea straight from the refrigerator on top. I let it set ovbernight and in the morning I washed the tea out let it dry and ironed it. I think it came out to be a good match.

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Karen said...

Oh, what a gorgeous daygown! I love the embroidery. I have this pattern and actually have two different daygowns started. I'll have to complete one this summer to add to my grandmother's hopeful chest.