Saturday, November 9, 2013

Islander Jacket

After a friend on a sewing forum made one of these jackets I decided I had to try it. It is from one of the Craftsy classes. I received an email for a discount on a class and went for it.

I looked for fabric and couldn't find what I wanted locally. We have very little choice here for supplies but I still love my town.

One day I was in the extra bedroom and looked in the dresser drawer for something-- usually just store quilts in the dressers in that room. I found an old twin size duvet and curtain that I had made years ago. It had been so long that I had even forgotten about making it. I knew right away that would be used for a wearable (hopefully) muslin of this jacket. So that is the story of the fabric for this jacket.

This Craftsy class has video lessons with instructor Janet Pray. Janet gives very good instruction on how to sew without using a pins. While I had difficulty with making this jacket it was no fault of the instructions. Just my lack of using the instructions.

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