Friday, October 26, 2012

Some sewing for this week

These are a few things I made this week.

First a peasant dress and leggings for Abby. This is a size 1. The dress is a Simplicity pattern and the leggings are made using a pattern that I cut using a pair of leggings I purchased at Goodwill.

Next, is an aline jumper and turtleneck for Bella. The aline pattern is the Martha Pullen aline and the turtleneck is made using the Comfyall pattern. I altered the crew neck pattern to a turtle neck. I just prefer the look of a turtleneck under a jumper to a crew neck. The owl is a machine embroidered applique.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

We built our house over 25 years ago-- wow, where did those years go???
Even though way back then paneling was popular thank goodness we only put it in out utility/laundry area. Not only did we put paneling there, we used a paneling that was a wood grain with an outdoorsy scene on it. We always got lots of compliments on it because it was a little different , I guess, but it had seen its better days.
 After living here for a few years hubby built a wall closing off the laundry part to  make a little entry hall. Since that is the entrance off our carport and that any visitors come in as well that way it wouldn't have to stay so neat. He used the same paneling on the front of the wall but on the backside it didn't have anything. Only rarely would anyone other than he and I be in there to see it. That is one of the reasons it took so long to get motivated to paint , etc in there. That and the amount of work required. I painted the little entry hall 5-6 years ago.

This project has been nagging at me to get it done  for a while and finally 2 weeks ago I got up on Monday morning and started on it. I emptied out the room of everything except the washer,dryer, small freezer and hot water heater. Then took down the 2 shelves. The work then began in earnest. I sanded the paneling and primed with Kilz primer. Then a coat of light taupe paint. I used an Olympic brand paint from Lowes in eggshell finish. I almost couldn't believe that one coat of paint over the primer was enough but Yippee it was.
Hubby decided to hang paneling on the back of the wall that previously had none(this did follow my threat of hanging a curtain made from painter's drop cloths). After he got it hung, I sanded and painted it. Then a coat of Kilz primer on the ceiling and painted with a coat of white ceiling paint. The a coat of white semi gloss paint on the crown molding,door and shelves.
This was a week's long tremendous amount of work but oh, so worth it. It is almost like a new room. I do not like doing laundry any more than before-- imagine that. I didn't really take any in pics of the work in progress but I want to share the before and after.