Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Up-cycled Kitchen

After seeing so many cute little kitchens online made from various things and having grands that would like one it was a given that I should make one.

I found a rolling tv stand at Goodwill that looked to be just right.

A quick coat of blue spray paint.

A trip to Walmart for a few additional supplies. two wooden oval disks and a wooden "j" in the craft section. A plastic bowl from the kitchen and knobs saved from when I redid my kitchen cabinets last year.

The wooden disks were painted black to be used for stove eyes. Two knobs were screwed to the front to "turn on and off "the stove eyes.  The "j" and 2 knobs were painted gold. I would have used silver but was trying to use as much stuff that I had on hand as I could. The "j" was screwed on upside down for the faucett with 2 matching knobs.
A skirt was made for the front using some black checked fabric from the table cloth that was used on the grooms table at my daughter's wedding reception. It was attached using a small curtain rod to the inside.

I put a cuphook on the side to hold a matching towel. You know you just have to have a towel for a kitchen.

I knew it was realistic for a 3 year old when Wyatt said he needed water and turned the knobs for the faucet on the sink.

I think it was a success and many thanks for all the inspiration found on line for this project.

Linked to Todays Creative Blog...www.todayscreativeblog.net

Sunday, August 21, 2011

McCalls 6264

I haven't sewn as much for the grands lately as I usually do so I decided to make myself something. I've used this pattern before and it wore so well and I always had compliments on it so decided to use it again. The fabric is a  maroon knit-- almost like swimsuit fabric.

This time I added the fabric rosettes you see so much on blogs. I think they add a nice touch. The rosettes are applied with safety pins for now so they can be removed for a little more casual look.

I highly reccomend this pattern. It is fast,easy and comfortable.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Bella's blanket

When my last niece was born my husband made her a blanket and with that a tradition began.

I have one of the Incredible Sweater Machines and my husband, Randy ,uses that to knit each grandchild a blanket. this latest one was made for Bella. She arrived last Monday and is doing well.

He uses baby weight yarn for the blanket. It is knitted on the machine and has a hand crocheted edge. I have to get him started on the crocket and then weave the yarn ends in  and block the blanket.

I hope these blankets are  treasued items because it is a gift from the heart-- from Papaw.