Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday blanket

I usually make the grand babies one of these little "Sunday" blankets. It is just sort of a dressier receiving blanket for when they need a little "cover".

I didn't do a step by step tutorial but they are so simple you don't need the pictures for each step.

For this one I used broadcloth and cut 2 layers 30"x30" rounding off the corners using a cereal bowl.  It has piping from the broadcloth but on lots of others I have used the scallop stitch built in to my machine. Next, I monogrammed the initial for the last name in one corner. The piping is stitched  to one layer and then put front and back right sides together and stitched leaving about 4 inches open to turn. Turn, press and hand stitch the opening closed and you have a sweet dress blanket without a large investment of time or money.


The sewing room said...

Lucky babies to have such wonderful blankets,and with their initials on is even more special/

Hugs Pat.

Angie said...

This is soooo pretty, such beautiful work.

If you will send me a PM on ES with your email address, I'll send you my email address and phone number so we can plan lunch one day!!...Look forward to meeting you.

Judy said...

Thanks Angie and Pat.

Angie,It says I can't PM on ES I checked. I will check with Nonie to see if I can have that feature added and if not I will must post my email address. i look forward to getting to meet for lunch.