Friday, June 3, 2011

My little peaceful place

Eventhough we live on a busy highway it doesn't seem like it at all to me when I'm in my backyard. It is peaceful. Very often over the years my husband and I have talked about how it is our favorite place in the world to be.  I can sit on the bench and think of happy things and let my mind wander to fond memories. 

This is the view from the park bench. If you look past the sandbox and oak tree you can get a glimpse of the arbor. It is covered with wisteria and in the spring the wisteria is normally profuse with purple and white blooms.  My blog for the arbor and wisteria.

My wish, my friends ,would be if I could share a little of the peacefullness with you that I find here. There is english ivy, hostas, monkey grass, hydrangeas, azaleas, crepe myrtles and more here.

So if you have a chance... come sit a spell.

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