Monday, May 2, 2011

Hang Tag Tutorial

When I make a gown or dress for a baby gift I like to be able to add the size and care info. The way I do this is my making a hang tag and attaching it to the dress or gown.

Here is what I do:

I go into the part of my (don't know what to call it ) computer stuff. You know the place where you go to make a label. In my Microsoft office it is simply labels.  I choose a label that is the size of a shipping label.

I type in the info-- I put the size and I have to admit I always use Hand Wash, Line dry. I figure if I use the hand wash line dry then it will at least get washed on gentle which is how I wash my smocked garments.

In my old computer(not Microsoft) it was necessary to copy and paste but in Microsoft Office you simply select 2 label or a page. I selected page.

I print these on card stock. Then I go to the paper cutter and cut these apart.

Then punch  a hole with a simple hole punch.

I then flip it over and use a rubber stamp to stamp something cute on the back(or front which ever you want to call it).  I use a lamb or rubber duck stamp but you can use what ever you want and what ever color ink you want.

Then, I cut a length of embroidery floss and slip it through the hole and tie a knot.
Attach it to the dress at the underarm with a small safety pin.

There you go a cute hang tag for your handmade gift.

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