Friday, April 29, 2011

The early part of the week through Wednesday has been a very stormy time here in the south. The sirens went off  time after time.At my home there was no damage -- I don't believe even a branch was blown from a tree.

One daughter lives 20 minutes away and had a tree uprooted and more trees blown down in her yard. She was without power for 2 days but it has now been restored. Other news of trees blown down and trees on top of houses and barns in the area. Thankful to God there were no injuries reported in our town that I am aware of nor loss of life.

Other towns not so far away were not nearly as fortunate. One small town a little south of us was destroyed with loss of life and missing reported.

The town of Tuscaloosa,AL also was hit by a tornado. Seeing pictures on the news and internet shows major damage there as well. Another small town in Alabama was destroyed as well. And the news goes on.

In the days to come we will pray for the victims of these terrible storms and in these same prayers thank God for all he has done for us and for keeping us safe and sound.


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