Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Thought I would share what we did for our sweet 6 little valentines.  I started a few years ago getting balloons for the grands for Valentine's Day. They get enough candy other places and at school parties. They always seen to like the balloons and they get a little candy and a card too.

This year I added cookies too. I don't have the talent for cookie decorating that I see on some blogs. I am totally jealous of some of the cookies I see decorated with royal icing. WOW

Anyway , these are 4 inch heart shaped cookies decorated with buttercream frosting tinted pink. The recipe for the cookies is the Wilton roll out cookie recipe. I know I could have gooten cookies at Walmart but mine have an ingredient that Walmart doesn't us-----Love.

I bought a total of 12 balloons-- 3 each for 4 grandkids who live nearby. I have asked my daughter living out of town to get balloons for me for Wyatt and Abby. Shhh,, don't tell them but I mailed their cookies.

Well back to the story I was in Dollar Tree on Saturday and decided to go on and get the  balloons. Tripp and Madison were spending the night that night so I had to hide the balloons. Have you ever tried to get 12 mylar balloons in a closet under the stairs-- not easy but not impossible. They were none the wiser.

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Lindley said...

That took some skill to get all 12 of those in that little closet!! The cookies look great. I'm sure they will love them.