Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sweet Little Daygown

A sweet co-worker is expecting her first baby so I made her a little daygown. The pattern is Creations by Michie Pleated Daygown.

The fabric is a pale blue imperial broadcloth. The embroidery I traced using a smocking plate as a guide.

The picture didn't turn out very good. The sun was so bright and i had already given her the gown before I downloaded the picture.

Monday, June 14, 2010


June is a busy month for us with birthdays. Three out of five grandchildren have June birthdays. Emma Kate and Madison have already had their birthdays. Wyatt's is later in the month but we made a trip to visit him this weekend and carried his cake and gifts.

 I made cakes for Madison and Wyatt while Amanda requested cupcakes for Emma Kate. So I thought I would share Wyatt's cake and Emma Kate's  cupcakes.

 The only pictures I got of Madison's cake is on my phone. I am electronically challenged and don't have any idea how to get the pictures out of my phone. Maybe someone will help me with that  soon.
Ok, I think I figured it out. I may never be able to do it again but I got one picture out. whewww!!
I am not a cake decorator by any means but I do enjoy doing it for the kids. I can' t make flowers and have never used fondant but  I can' usually find something to add to the cake.

I actually made 4 dozen cupcakes colored in 4 different colors but my dtr used these to make in the shape of a bunch of  balloons. I used the large star shaped Wilton tip to  frost these.

Wyatt really likes Mickey Mouse so I found this plate at Walmart to put on top of the cake. the ribbon is just curly ribbon. This is made using the 6 inch pan.
 I think he liked it.

Angela wanted a luau themed cake for Madison.  I found the little figurines and flower lei at Dollar Tree. I tinted some sugar with a little brown color and sprinkled on the tan colored frosting to make it look like a beach.  Madison liked her cake as well.

I enjoyed making these cakes but I am glad there arent' any birthdays for a while too I think I amy have gained 5 lbs "tasting" the icing.

Later, Judy

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Sweetness

You know sometimes I will hear someone complain of being bored. Rarely do I have that problem. Way too many hobbies obviously.
One of those hobbies is gardening. I must admit though that I don't garden or work in the yard as I once did because the heat bothers me more now. But I still enjoy the flowers though.

Just thought I would share a few pictures of some of the  flowers.



Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kitchen Cabinets Redo

This has been a super busy spring so far. For the past couple of years I have wanted to change my kitchen cabinets but just didn't know what to do to change them. You see when we built our house 25 years ago I knew exactly how I wanted my cabinets to look. I wanted the top door to have tin punched inserts. My husband and father in law built my cabinets and tried to change my mind thinking the punched tin wouldn't hold up to use. Our kids were small at the time and the cabinets have seen a lot of use over the years but the tin did hold up. It just became outdated long before i could decide what to do to change it.

Finally, while surfing the internet one day I saw some cabinets with recessed panels and the light bulb went off. I knew what needed to be done. It was still winter and I wanted to wait til spring so the windows could be opened for the fumes. Insert to add: you should have seen my husbands eyes roll when I told him about the project. i insured him it would not be bad. I knew it would be but I knew I had to remain positive-- after all I would need him to cut the panels for the inserts-- he needed to be on board.


The first thing I did was to take everything out of the cabinets and remove the doors and drawers.  then I removed the hinges and knobs and cleaned the cabinets with a TSP substitute to remove the grease and grime.  I took the doors and drawers out to the shop out of the way and painted them last because I knew it would take longer to do those.

I sanded the cabinet bases which took about 3 days and wiped really well with a tack cloth.

In the mean time DH was removing the tin panels and cut wood panels for the recessed panel part of the doors.

Then the doors were cleaned,sanded and painted. The hinges were also cleaned.  I ordered new knobs from Ebay.

The shelf was also painted. It originally was very country with heart shaped cutouts. I purchased the 4 inch tiles and stamped with a fleur Des Lis and sprayed with a clear sealer. I'm not 100 % sold on the shelf so I may take it down and do something different in this area of the kitchen.
I am pretty well pleased with how the project turned out.  We will replace the counter top soon with something dark. I also need a new vent hood. I really wanted a microwave/vent-hood but there isn't enough space so a vent hood will work.

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