Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Stocking

Several years ago I began making Christmas stockings for the grands to have at our house. As I remember I made Tripp and Emma Kate's stockings at the same time. Laster, as each grandchild was born I made as close as possible identical stockings.

This year we have Abby our newest addition. I was unable to purchase velveteen in our small town and had her mother look at her local Hobby Lobby. One day the idea came to me that I could probably go to Goodwill and find a velveteen dress and cut one from it . So that is exactly what I did. It is not as good of a match
in color as I would have liked and I may replace it next year but it will certainly work for this year.

I used the same machine embroidery that I used on the previous stockings.


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marilyn said...

Judy that is a wonderful idea!!! thanks for the inspiration! Love Abby's stocking!!