Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blue Corduroy

I found this blue corduroy on the recent trip to Goodwill. Are you beginning to see a pattern here== all this Goodwill shopping. I love it.  Anyway, the price on the fabric was $7.99 so I took off the rubber bands and unrolled the fabric. It appeared to be about 4yards of fabric-- or approximately $2.00 a yard. It is a nice soft almost feather wale corduroy.

So I made Madison a pair of pants and an aline top.  The top pattern is the Martha Pullen aline pattern shortened and the pants are an out of print Simplicity pattern. Not sure where the Machine applique is from but I think maybe Designs by Juju.

I also made Wyatt a pair of pants from the fabric and I believe there is enough left to make one more pair of pants. Not bad for $8.00. I love a bargain.


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