Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fall jacket

I really seem to be in a sewing slump lately.  I just can't seem to get in the mood lately to work on anything. 

I believe every fall since having grandkids-- which would be 8 years now-- I have made each child a jacket in the fall.  For the most part no one needed or wanted one this year. but recently when at my daughter's house for the birth of Abby she asked me if I would make Wyatt a jacket.  You see sewing slump or not if a grandchild needs something made Nana will oblige.

So this is what I ended up choosing for him. The outer fabric is chocolate brown corduroy and the lining is John Deere fabric. Can't wait to see if it fits him and how he likes it.


Ellie Inspired said...

Well, I know one little boy who will think he's died and gone to heaven if he had a coat like that so if Wyatt doesn't like it, you can send it on over here! :) Another beautiful jacket, Judy! You are so good at these!

Piper said...

You are the Queen of jackets. I just made one this morning and was hoping that mine came out as cute as yours always do.

Judy said...

Thanks ya'll. Piper did you post a picture of yours on your blog? Can't wait to see it.