Saturday, October 16, 2010

Recent Goodwill loot...........

In the last year we have had a Goodwill open in our town. I go a couple of times a week usually. I have gotten some real bargains there... at least to me they are bargains.

Well the other day I was there and browsing through the baby things.. gotta shop for the grands you know even if they aren't born yet.
I found what may be my best bargain yet. There on the end of the rack hung a heirloom Strausburg dress. It had been washed and the satin trim on the collar and sleeves was pretty wrinkly and I thought might even be ruined but I thought for 99 cents I could use it for a paint rag. I took it home and washed it and pressed it and I am pretty darn happy with it. It is size 24 months and when the baby grows to that size I will wash it again and this time give it a good pressing and pass it to her.

I also  found a little sweater and gown that day to go with a recent gown and sleeper that I had gotten there.

All 3 items were 99 cents each for a total of jsut under $3. Not bad ..huh?? 

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Sara said...

what amazing finds!!!! I should go shopping with you!!!

Ellie Inspired said...

Wow! What bargains you found!! While working at our church's Giveaway day one year I found a dress someone was throwing out that was completely hand sewn with the tiniest pintucks, hand embroidery and french seams. It now hangs on my wall! :)

marilyn said...

Judy you hit the jackpot!!! Don't you just love a bargain!!!

Judy said...

Yes,i do indeed love a bargain. it is pretty much about the "thrill of the hunt" for me, Marilyn.

Sara, I got these things in Corinth. I also have gotten several good cotton sheets for $1.99 to use for linings. they are so soft from being washed but not worn.

Laura, i would love to see a picture of your dress sometime.