Saturday, July 17, 2010

A little comfort

Many bloggers are making curtains or slipcovers from painters drop cloths. so when thinking of doing  cushions for the outdoor furniture I finally hit on the idea of using the drop cloths for the ones on the porch. after all they weren't going to be in the weather really.

Not a lot of people seem to have front porch swings anymore. Actually that is how I often tell people where i live-- 5th house on the right with a swing on the porch. I guess folks just don't have time to sit on the porch like they once did-- I know we don't have as much time. And it is just so darn hot in the summer.

But as long as we have grandkids who ask to swing we will have a  swing there. children have been swung to sleep there many times. Even on occasion in the winter with a quilt for cover a little one has been sung to sleep.

The thing is we are getting older and like to have more comfort so now we will have a little more comfortable seat while we swing.

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great idea! I love drop cloth projects, AND porch swings!