Sunday, April 18, 2010


Some signs of Spring- which by the way is my favorite  time of the year...........

One lone tulip-- the only one I have. It is a memory though. My oldest daughter bought it for her sisters birthday when they were in college and sharing an apartment. They brought it home and I planted it in the front flower bed. Every year when it has just this one bloom it is a reminder of  sisterly love between daughters.

Yellow irises are usually among the first things to bloom in my yard.

And the wisteria

and the snow ball bush-- it was rooted from the snowball bush that was in my grandmothers yard.  My grandmother passed away 30 years ago but i have many memories of the snow ball bush that once bloomed in her yard

You can  see the azaleas blooming on the left looking through the archway.



Ellie Inspired said...

Oh, that is so beautiful! I think I could spend an afternoon in your backyard with a good book very easily!

Judy said...

Laura, i would love to have you come sit in my back yard and visit. it is a peaceful place.

marybee said...

your yard looks great! love the tulip story! there is a snowball bush mentioned in one of my favorite books- i've always wondered what one looks like! : )

Rettabug said...

Oh Judy....this is looking soooo pretty! I love your new header & your outdoors area looks so inviting. GOOD JOB, GIRL!!!