Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mint Green Easter

This dress is for Emma Kate for Easter.  I picked out 2 cuts of fabric and let her choose which she wanted. the mint green broadcloth is what she chose.

The smocking plate is from an old Creative Needle magazine with some modifications. It was originally meant for a basic yoke dress-- which would mean it would not have enough stretch at the lower side for the bishop dress.

I barely had enough fabric for the dress so I was only able to make a 2 inch hem. Normally, I prefer a 4 inch hem. I know some people even prefer a 6 inch hem in heirloom sewing. Really, the important thing is that i was able to make the dress with Emma Kate's fabric choice.


Karen said...

Beautiful bishop dress! There is nothing sweeter on a little girl!

Rettabug said...

Judy, this is such a beautiful little dress! I just love the colors you used & your smocking looks fabulous! I hope you get photos of her wearing it.