Friday, February 26, 2010


TGIF--- this has been a long week.  So ready for the weekend. I have reverted back to a parttime position at work but i am still working more hours temporarily to help out and this week I am working 5 days. I know that shortly I will be back to my 3 day weeks though. Can't wait.

Anyway today I am going to share more sewing. I actually made these a month or so ago but I am sharing today.

I guess I could say this was more green sewing-- but quite honestly it isn't. I had bought this green twill fabric and made some scrubs to wear to work. Goodness, I looked like a big green apple with those scrubs on. I only wore them once. So I made one pair of shorts from the pants and one pair from the top. I made the t shirt on the left but the one on the right is purchased. The fabric for the appliques was scraps that have been in my stash for several years.  It was the perfect shade of green too.

This is  a shift dress for Emma Kate. this fabric was also in my stash( didn't realize I had so much fabric). The color really doesn't show up so well in the picture. It is a pink and black plaid. This little dress buttons down the back and I think I will had a black ribbon bow at each side slit. The pattern is Lillian by Childrens Corner.

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