Monday, February 22, 2010

Pillowcase Top/dress Tutorial

One of the things I love most for summer sewing and wear for little girls is the pillowcase dress. It can be shortened and worn as a top. The hem can have a varied assortment of finishes-- rick rack, lace, ruffle or just a hem.

Here in the hot south it is a cool summer dress or in spring , fall or winter it can have a top underneath.

I am sure there are multiple tutorial and instructions all over blogland but thought I would share one too. Maybe if you haven't tried one of these you will and enjoy it as much as I do.

So here we go:

For these tops I used some red gingham that I had bought on the $1 table at Walmart some time ago.

First determine how long you want your dress or top to be and cut or tear a strip of fabric that length. for a size 5 top I wanted it to be 18 inches long. I then cut about 2 inches off the length on each side of the fabric and split it down the length.

Next, fold the fabric in half length wise and measure in at the top edge 2 1/4 inches and down the side edge 4 1/4 inches. Using a fabric marker join these 2 measurements by drawing straight down and curving at the bottom edge. This makes the armhole curve.

Then cut this section of fabric out and the armhole is formed.

Nest serge or sew the side seams and serge all unfinished edges-- the lower edge, around armhole curves  and across the upper front and back edges. If you don't have a serger you can turn under the raw edge 1/4 inch and then turn under again.

Next, turn under the armcurve 1/4-3/8 inch , press and topstitch. I do this method of finish if the top/dress is for play. If it is fro a more dressy look I finish the armholes with a bias strip stitched and turned under.

Next, turn down the top edge on back and front 1 1/4 inch and press then stitch. This forms the casing for the ribbon or tie to go through.

Add rick rack, lace or ruffle to hem edge after turning up lower edge and pressing.

Using a large safety pin or bodkin thread the tie or ribbon through the upper casings. You may either use 2  ties/ribbon and tie on the shoulders or use one longer piece and pull through to  tie on one shoulder. You may even wish to make a button hole on center front or center back and tie in the center. to tie on both shoulders I use 2 yards of ribbon-- one for front and one for the back.

I hope this tutorial proves helpful to someone. I dearly love to sew and am very pleased to be able to share a small amount of that joy here.

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marybee said...

judy, i was just looking for directions, and voila! you have them for me!! thanks! : )