Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More spring sewing

    I continue to move on with the spring sewing for the grands.  At this point I have 20 of the 40 outfits completed.   I will show all 40 eventually- a few at a time. 

     I would imagine it is beginning to look like these clothes are being made for twins but they aren't.   They are just being made by a  nana who doesn't have enough ideas for 40 different outfits.

   The latest 4 are these 2 shortalls and 2 pillowcase tops with denim capris. I guess I am not all that "green" but usually I don't repurpose things . But one day I was in our towns new Goodwill store and saw some denim ladies jumpers. You know the kind-- they have bodices and then full gathered skirts. These jumpers were $5 each and I picked up 2 because I liked the way the denim looked.

    I made a pair of capris from each jumper. The pillowcase tops are made from red gingham that has been in my stash for some time.

     I also made shortalls for the 2 youngest grandsons. The shortall on the left is made using a Mccalls pattern.  I believe pattern number m2033. The shortall on the right is made using the Johnny pattern by Childrens Corner.

This is more of some fabric that I found on the $1.50 table at Walmart. Maybe you remember I made to aline tops and shorts for the girls. I sure got a lot of mileage from that fabric.

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