Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunny Sunday

It has been a nice day today. The sun was shining- still chilly but sunny. I really have spring fever I guess. I just keep telling myself it  is just around the corner. Tomorrow is the first day of March- hard to believe.

Tripp and Madison spent the night last night and went to church this morning. Then I went to a shower in the afternoon and back to church this evening. A busy day but a good one.

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Friday, February 26, 2010


TGIF--- this has been a long week.  So ready for the weekend. I have reverted back to a parttime position at work but i am still working more hours temporarily to help out and this week I am working 5 days. I know that shortly I will be back to my 3 day weeks though. Can't wait.

Anyway today I am going to share more sewing. I actually made these a month or so ago but I am sharing today.

I guess I could say this was more green sewing-- but quite honestly it isn't. I had bought this green twill fabric and made some scrubs to wear to work. Goodness, I looked like a big green apple with those scrubs on. I only wore them once. So I made one pair of shorts from the pants and one pair from the top. I made the t shirt on the left but the one on the right is purchased. The fabric for the appliques was scraps that have been in my stash for several years.  It was the perfect shade of green too.

This is  a shift dress for Emma Kate. this fabric was also in my stash( didn't realize I had so much fabric). The color really doesn't show up so well in the picture. It is a pink and black plaid. This little dress buttons down the back and I think I will had a black ribbon bow at each side slit. The pattern is Lillian by Childrens Corner.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More spring sewing

    I continue to move on with the spring sewing for the grands.  At this point I have 20 of the 40 outfits completed.   I will show all 40 eventually- a few at a time. 

     I would imagine it is beginning to look like these clothes are being made for twins but they aren't.   They are just being made by a  nana who doesn't have enough ideas for 40 different outfits.

   The latest 4 are these 2 shortalls and 2 pillowcase tops with denim capris. I guess I am not all that "green" but usually I don't repurpose things . But one day I was in our towns new Goodwill store and saw some denim ladies jumpers. You know the kind-- they have bodices and then full gathered skirts. These jumpers were $5 each and I picked up 2 because I liked the way the denim looked.

    I made a pair of capris from each jumper. The pillowcase tops are made from red gingham that has been in my stash for some time.

     I also made shortalls for the 2 youngest grandsons. The shortall on the left is made using a Mccalls pattern.  I believe pattern number m2033. The shortall on the right is made using the Johnny pattern by Childrens Corner.

This is more of some fabric that I found on the $1.50 table at Walmart. Maybe you remember I made to aline tops and shorts for the girls. I sure got a lot of mileage from that fabric.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Pillowcase Top/dress Tutorial

One of the things I love most for summer sewing and wear for little girls is the pillowcase dress. It can be shortened and worn as a top. The hem can have a varied assortment of finishes-- rick rack, lace, ruffle or just a hem.

Here in the hot south it is a cool summer dress or in spring , fall or winter it can have a top underneath.

I am sure there are multiple tutorial and instructions all over blogland but thought I would share one too. Maybe if you haven't tried one of these you will and enjoy it as much as I do.

So here we go:

For these tops I used some red gingham that I had bought on the $1 table at Walmart some time ago.

First determine how long you want your dress or top to be and cut or tear a strip of fabric that length. for a size 5 top I wanted it to be 18 inches long. I then cut about 2 inches off the length on each side of the fabric and split it down the length.

Next, fold the fabric in half length wise and measure in at the top edge 2 1/4 inches and down the side edge 4 1/4 inches. Using a fabric marker join these 2 measurements by drawing straight down and curving at the bottom edge. This makes the armhole curve.

Then cut this section of fabric out and the armhole is formed.

Nest serge or sew the side seams and serge all unfinished edges-- the lower edge, around armhole curves  and across the upper front and back edges. If you don't have a serger you can turn under the raw edge 1/4 inch and then turn under again.

Next, turn under the armcurve 1/4-3/8 inch , press and topstitch. I do this method of finish if the top/dress is for play. If it is fro a more dressy look I finish the armholes with a bias strip stitched and turned under.

Next, turn down the top edge on back and front 1 1/4 inch and press then stitch. This forms the casing for the ribbon or tie to go through.

Add rick rack, lace or ruffle to hem edge after turning up lower edge and pressing.

Using a large safety pin or bodkin thread the tie or ribbon through the upper casings. You may either use 2  ties/ribbon and tie on the shoulders or use one longer piece and pull through to  tie on one shoulder. You may even wish to make a button hole on center front or center back and tie in the center. to tie on both shoulders I use 2 yards of ribbon-- one for front and one for the back.

I hope this tutorial proves helpful to someone. I dearly love to sew and am very pleased to be able to share a small amount of that joy here.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pleated Daygown

Normally when someone I know is having a baby and and that baby is a girl I know immediately what I am going to make-- a smocked daygown. Well, that just won't work this time because you see the baby is a boy. I wanted to make the mother to be something special and after some thinking this is what i decided on. This pattern is Creations by Mickie Pleated Daygown. The little kite embroidery was in the pattern. it was for plain embroidery but I thought making it shadow embroidery was just a little better.

Friday, February 12, 2010

More Spring Sewing

As mentioned in an earlier blog post I have made a personal commitment to make a total of 40 spring/summer outfits for the grands. Well, I am happy to say I am getting a good start on it. I now have 16 different outfits completed for spring 2010.

Here are a few more to share.

these peasant tops are from one of the big three pattern companies. I like to add a casing for elastic on these peasant tops to give a little more shape to the tops. the skorts are Children's Corner pattern Sara's Skort.
The tops are made from broadcloth and the skorts are a cotton twill from Hancocks.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

More pillowcase dresses for spring

Thought I would show the difference that a little ribbon can make.

I made these pillowcase dresses at the end of last summer but never gave them to the girls. I wanted these to be just a tad dressier so satin ribbon was used instead of grossgrain ribbon this time. It makes quite a difference doesn't it? The monogram was added this year. The white on white adds a little more elegant look to the dresses.

Maybe we can get some beach type pictures this summer in these little dresses.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowy morning

On Monday morning we woke up to quite the unexpected surprise-- at least for me it was a surprise. I rarely watch the news or weather --well only if I am expecting bad weather-- but my husband watches it on a regular basis. Anyway, the news was telling about towns around 100 miles away with 5 inches of snow. Well, we look outside and what do we see but the white fluffy stuff falling. Here in the south you just don't see much of that.

I know there were some happy kids that day. Lots for snowmen built. Shoot I even went outside and took some pictures. By afternoon it started raining and by Tuesday morning the snow was mostly gone. However, we did have a few inches of beauty in the meantime.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pillowcase Dresses

The little pillowcase dress is certainly one of my favorite things to make for the girls for spring and summer. They meet my criteria for sure- fast,easy and cute. They can be dressed up or down depending on the fabric adn ribbons used.

These two are made from some fabric I purchased at Hobby Lobby. These are daycare/ school dresses so I used grossgrain ribbon. If I had been making them for church I probably would have used a satin ribbon.