Sunday, January 31, 2010

Think Spring

I am beginning to really get in the mood to sew for spring now. I have made a commitment to myself to try to make each of the 4 youngest grandkids 10 spring/summer outfits each. I normally make that many things for them but never before the season starts. So I will at least try to share most of those here.

First,this is a little.

peasant top and capris I made
for Emma Kate using fabric from

Next,I used the Martha Pullen aline pattern shortened to make Madison

a top to coordinate with capris. the fabrics for these 2 outfits
are from my fabric stash. I am also trying to sew some from
the stash. In reality this will only make room for more but what's a
girl to do?

Til later,


marilyn said...

Judy I love that outfit!! Emma Kate is adorable!!!

Alecia said...

hhhmmmm-commitment-i should do that as well- maybe if I write it down i will have some accoutability-now to find the time!!! you seem to really enjoy sewing for your grands.