Sunday, January 17, 2010


Finally i feel like I am thawing out here.

I am beginning to get in the mood for spring sewing. I have been pouring over some of the children's clothing sites searching for inspiration. Yesterday I bought several pieces of fabric for spring as well. There is a pretty pale blue broadcloth to make a bishop for Madison for Easter. I bought royal blue broadcloth for shortalls for Wyatt and Dylan. Also in the stack is enough fabric for 4 other little dresses. that is enough to get me started-- but then there are 2 shelves for fabric in my sewing room. Not so sure I needed to shop for fabric any way but I still love it.

Till later,

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Alecia said...

Good for you - getting inspired and organized-I wish I knew what compels us to buy more fabric when we already have more than we will most likely ever sew!!