Sunday, November 29, 2009

So ,What is 2+2+1??

Well, it is the number of Christmas outfits I have finished.

I have already shown the green Jon Jon. i made 2 of these-- one for Dylan and one for Wyatt. The Jon Jon's have a reversible tab with their initials on one side and candy canes on the other. This pattern is the Johnny pattern from Children's Corner

Next, I made matching pillowcase dresses for Madison and Emma Kate. They will wear turtle necks and tights under them.

Then, lastly, I made a button down shirt for Tripp from a Christmas green gingham fabric. He is 7 and too old for the Jon Jon's so I don't' get to sew for him very often but he is so appreciative when I do.

I bought some flannel this weekend to make sleep pants for the grands for Christmas but i am not sure if I will be able to get all that sewing done. I have recently gone to work full time after working part time for years.

I so enjoy sewing for the kids and even more so when they like what I make.

till later

Thursday, November 19, 2009

More sewing--- are you tired of it yet??

These latest things I have made are called jon jons. The pattern is Johnny by Childrens Corner. i made these for grandson Wyatt. I will be making one of the Christmas jon jons for Dylan as well.

The smocked insert was in Sew Beautiful magazine. I fell in love with the little weiner dogs when I saw an outfit someone had smocked for a grandson. It is just the perfect smocking design for a little boy.

This next jon jon is also for Wyatt and is for Christmas. It is a rich green corduroy. I didn't want it to be just for Christmas so I made it with the removable tab. One side has a christmas embroidery and the other is his initials.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For myself

Well, I decided it was time to sew a few things for myself. That is something I just don't do very often. It is just not nearly as much fun as it is to sew for the kids.

The first is a top I made. The pattern is from one of the big three pattern companies. I had used the pattern before for another view and knew that I liked the fit fo that one. The fabric is a gray knit that was in my fabric stash.

The next is a New Look pattern. The darts make the blouse fitted. I wore ti towork the other day and it wears really well. The fabric is a cotton blend.

I am sure anyone who has read this blog can tell I love to sew. I started sewing when I was probably around 12 years old. Quite honestly I think th ething I enjoy most about sewing is taking the chunk of flat fabric and seeing a garment form from it. I enjoy changing the pattern to make something different from what the intended pattern is. I guess the challenge is what I like.

till later.