Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fall Sewing

I have finally gotten a little sewing done this week. Actually, I made the pants to the batik outfit a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't decide how to make the top to go with them -- but I finally decided on a plan. The pants are Simplicity 5378 shortened with a ruffle about 5 inches long added. The top is the pillowcase dress pattern shortened to tunic length and a 5 inch ruffle added to mimic the pants. i added a buttonhole to the casing in the back for it to tie in the back. It can be
turned around- since the pillowcase pattern doesn't have a front or back and tie in the front. Anyway, I am pretty pleased with how it turned out for a sort of boutique-y look. I think it will be pretty cute with a turtleneck under it this fall.

The next is a dress I made for Madison this week. I used Simplicity pattern 3743 which is a top pattern. I then lengthened it for dress length, added a pleated
ruffle to the bottom and a casing at the bodice area for elastic. The elastic just seems to give the dress/top more shape. I found a pair of olive tights on clearance at Walmart for a $1 that was the inspiration for this dress.

One more thing to share. Last weekend Emma Kate helped me make cupcakes for a youth get together at church. I didn't realize she liked cake icing so well but here she is licking the spoon.

The cupcakes are decorated using Wilton tip 2D-- which is the dropped flower tip and you
just go in a circle. They look like you really slaved but really they are very easy. Someone shared a video how to on You Tube doing this-- so I can't really take credit for figuring out using the tip in this manner.

For supper we had a country supper-- fried okra, white beans, homemade biscuits and potato salad. Yummo, it was good. Next week I think I will try to eat better-- but for today that was the perfect southern meal and just doesn't get better.

till later, Judy


marybee said...

judy, those cupcakes look fantastic!! i'm so impressed!

marilyn said...

wow Judy Emma Kate is really growing up. Love the outfits and those cupcakes.. Do you know how long it's been since I've had a cupcake.. yummmm