Sunday, June 28, 2009

It is a hot 94 degrees today. While I have been really busy I just haven't had anything interesting to blog about.

It is so hot that I have really neglected my flowers this year. My hydrangeas only have 2-3 blooms each. I don't believe I have ever seen such a few blooms on them before.

I am trying to come up with the next sewing project. In the last issue of Sew Beautiful magazine there were a couple of ladies" smocked blouses. I am thinking I will make one of those for myself. So that will probaly be the next smocking project at least.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This past Saturday was a small birthday party for Madison. My daughter asked me to make her a princess related cake. So I baked her cake and found a tiara and wand in the party favor section at Walmart. Madison really liked it-- her little eyes lit up and then even more so when she saw the tiara and wand had blinking lights.

Also I made homemade sourdough cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Sunday. I use the sourdough starter and make up the bread dough. Part of the dough I made into rolls
for the freezer and part of it I used to make cinnamon rolls.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wet Saturday

It is a wet rainy Saturday morning here.

I have been pretty busy as of late as most folks are this time of year. Summer is a wonderful time of the year and my favorite right after spring.

Of 5 grandchildren, 3 have June birthdays. Emma Kate and Madison have already had theirs and Wyatt's will be June 24. I began with the first grandchild making a scrapbook of their first year containing as many of their "firsts" as I could. It has now become a tradition. I have been working on Wyatt's for the past week and am still not finished with it but it is getting close.

I posted in a picture in an earlier post of a sundress I had made for Emma Kate. I was going to make a matching dress for a dol I was ogin got get her or her birthday. I got the doll dress finished and she seemed to really be happy with them. Her dress was a copy from an A&E magazine. I didn't have a pattern for the doll dress but just winged it and drafted it myself. I think it turned out pretty well.

Well, I believe I had mentioned participating in a stash contest. I didn't win but came in second. A big congratulations to my cyber friend Laura who did an amazing job and won. I have no doubt she will enjoy the prize. She is a very talented seamstress as well as a fast one.

Everyone have a wonderful Saturday.

Till later..........

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Well,, it has been a little while since I was last here. I have been busy-- busy.

I put vinyl tiles in a bathroom floor and then sanded and painted some 1980's paneling in the entry. I still need to do one more coat of paint but I msut say I am liking the way it looks. It has really lightened it up considerably.

I have still been participating in the stash challenge that I mentioned earlier. While I have managed to stay a contender I really don't believe I will be the winner and that is ok. I am not a competitive sort of person-- I rather just have fun with it and the real purpose is to eliminate some of the fabric so that we can do what?????? of course buy more. You have to be a sewist to understand that I believe.

Till later.......