Tuesday, May 19, 2009

stash contest sewing

I thought I would share a few things that I made last week for the stash contest I am participating in. I sew mostly for my grandchildren-- or at least the 4 yournger ones. Tripp is the oldest-- he is 6 years old and by that age it is hard to sew for a boy. The 4 younger kids are Emma Kate who is 4, Madison who is 3, Dylan who is 17 months and Wyatt who is 11 months.

I don't sew for myself very often but I do really enjoy sewing for the kids. It is a creative outlet I suppose. I smock, do a little hand embroidery and I have a sewing/embroidery machine combo.I like the creative part of changing patterns around to make something different.

So here goes:

These 2 outfits are matching brother/sister outfits for Dylan and Emma Kate

Sleep shorts for the boys

Aline dress for Madison

Jon jon for Wyatt

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